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A debt consolidation loan is, of course, a consolidation loan that allows you to consolidate your debt. It allows you to “merge” loans into one loan, and extending the repayment period allows you to reduce your loan installment. Below you can read the latest loan offer.

A debt consolidation loan? What is the consolidation of loans? If you have several bank loans or loans, you can pay them back with a new loan. Then we have only one new loan and one lower loan installment.

Cash loans and cash loans, installment loans, car loans and debt on cards and in a bank account are subject to consolidation. If one of the loans is a mortgage, then we are dealing with a mortgage consolidation loan. It should be taken into account that not all banks offer consolidation loans that allow you to consolidate all loans and debts on cards and bank accounts.

Debt consolidation loan – a review of banks

Debt consolidation loan - a review of banks

A significant reduction in the loan installment is possible only when we extend the loan period. At the same time, a longer loan period is more interest on the loan. As with every loan, also in the case of consolidation loans, we must pay a commission on the loan amount. An additional charge may also be a fee for early repayment of old obligations.

In order to apply for a consolidation loan, adequate creditworthiness is required. Also creditworthiness (checking credit history in database) is very important for the credit offer presented. The better we get in the bank, the better credit terms we can count on.

The most frequently searched consolidation loan

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