Private loans – BEWARE OF THE SCAMS !!!


Almost daily, on our website we receive emails from private lenders offering their services, perhaps many wonder why we never publish them and the answer is very simple, we just do not trust that be serious proposals.

We do not doubt that many of the offers of private lenders are reliable but as we have not tested them, we can not report them, and in order not to influence the reader in a wrong way we prefer not to publish them.

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What is a private lender?

What is a private lender?

He is a person who, in order to make a profit out of his savings, lends it to other individuals who have urgent money needs to save specific and very committed situations.

This type of loans between people are made in a similar way to bank loans, but with the difference that the person who lends the money is not a bank or a financial institution, but rather a private individual. In most cases they are professional investors who want to maximize the benefit of their money and more in the current times where if they put it on a fixed term in a bank, the benefit they get is ridiculous.

Particular lenders without property

Particular lenders without property

It is one of the possibilities that are offered in the sector of loans between people, because many of the people who need urgent money can not provide as collateral or guarantee of money back any property. Although the majority group of lenders request some type of guarantee such as that the applicant has a home (without mortgage in force on it) or a vehicle, which serves as collateral or guarantee to ensure the return of borrowed money.

Private lenders without endorsement that are offered in the market usually run a fairly high risk that they do not recover their money and hence when they make the loan is mainly to people known or recommended by other customers.

There are also cases where there are private lenders who break the law even resorting to threats to recover their money and the high interest they impose on their contracts. These cases are minorities, although from time to time the television news is echoed by these situations, so we recommend that you contract with credit companies recognized by all people and whose scope of action is national or international. Under the law 2/2009 a registry is created for the control of companies dedicated to providing this type of financial services.

We recommend that before contracting with private lenders without guarantees, go to other options more publicly recognized as Bankil or Rebank, the latter well known thanks to its advertising campaigns and Rebank are loans with very good opinions from consumers who have already requested.

Private loan agreement

Private loan agreement

You should not confuse loan contracts between family members but without interest, that is, you only have to repay the principal and the loan contracts between individuals but with interest (and usually higher than those established by traditional banking entities). Loans made between an individual lender and a third party should be collected in writing to avoid future problems between the contracting parties.

The loans between individuals are more frequent because it is an exit before the rejection of the requests that the banks give to many requests that are made without providing guarantees or guarantees. It is not superfluous to leave the written loan in which both the borrowed capital and the total amount to be repaid, as well as the date on which it must be repaid, appear.

The private lenders of money are not very well considered because recently there have been some scandal since the actions of some unpresentable have been known that taking advantage of the need of third parties they lent money to a leonine interest and then tried to recover it through threats and even violence.